Latin Dance for Teens

Latin Dance  for teens will introduce dancers to the basic rhythms of Salsa and Bachata footwork, technique and arm movements. Central to Latin dance are rhythm, posture, strength and body confidence, all of which are valuable for a child’s development. Latin dance also teaches students  balance, strength, and coordination.  This class requires a monthly commitment but does not require or include performances. Students only in this class may have the opportunity to participate in holiday shows.

Latin Dance for teens techniques class may also attend the Troupe & Sr. Company Rehearsal 13+  for the Recital season. Joining this rehearsal class allows them to perform for the Spring recital and other local performances. See here for class description.

Colorado New Style Foundation (CNSF) is a safe space for all. We do not discriminate, for any reason. Our tuition reduction is available for all students in need of financial help. Go to Colorado New Style Foundation’s webisite to find out more or register for the program.

CNSF is a performing arts educational institution influenced by Hispanic culture and traditions. We are dedicated to inspiring healthy, inclusive communities through quality dance instruction and representation of the arts. We enrich intergenerational leaders to transform their lifestyles and motivate their community to follow in their footsteps.

June 22 @ 14:40
2:40 pm — 4:40 pm (2h)

Studio 1

Daniel Cid, Kathryn Warshaw

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