CNS Student Performance Team

CNS Student Performance team under the direction of Kathryn Warshaw and Daniel Cid. Audition required for this team, they happen once a year generally in January. This is a PARTNERWORK  PERFORMANCE TEAM. Travel and performance are required for the CNS Student Performance Team members.

Guidelines for dancers on the team:

The team rehearses 8 hours or more per month as communicated by the directors. Please pay monthly dues on time. Minimum commitment of one year is required. Team members have diverse levels of dance and diverse goals on their teams, but we all train the same… as professionals!  All rehearsals are mandatory. BE ON TIME and dance ready when you arrive.  We love our team vibe so strive to bring your positivity and eagerness to learn new skills and improve existing ones to every rehearsal.  Remember that every rehearsal is YOUR rehearsal, always be present and fully engaged.
We schedule additional rehearsals before upcoming shows, which could be any day of the week. These are mandatory rehearsals for performers. If you are not performing in that show, these rehearsals are optional but recommended for your training and to stay current with changes to the choreography.

May 29 @ 20:05
8:05 pm — 9:55 pm (1h 50′)

Studio 1

Daniel Cid, Kathryn Warshaw

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